"Good morning mom, good morning dad ! Guess what ? I'm now a fully bred level 2 noder !"

"What ? !"

Celebrate with me, I am now a fully bred level 2 noder !

The path was long and filled with traps, but full of good advice. And now that I am not mute anymore, the world will hear from me.

E2 is perfect. Hail ! It teaches people how to learn. I know I have still alot to learn. But my path is lit now : I only have to follow the XP stones now, and climb each branch of the great E2 tree.

"What ? ! Are you messing again with this E2 stuff ! ? What is it after all ?"

E2 is a tree. People planted it some time ago. Others look after it : they water it, cut its branches and make sure it's proficient.

But what ? Am I more proud of leveling up than I was on my 20th birthday ? I did exist before though... but wait ! everyone gets 20 some day.