It may surprise some Canadians and Americans (but no one else in the world will be surprised..sorry) that there are a few common items that exist in Canada that do not exist in America (and vice versa, I'm sure, but since I'm Canadian I have a smaller chance of knowing about these things. Mental note: don't let the parenthesized portion of the sentence be longer than the non-parenthesized portion).

For example, ketchup-flavoured potato chips are available only in Canada. I'm not sure that I really understand why this is the case...but it is and it's unfortunate.

The TV show "Traders" is uniquely Canadian, and unavailable in the States. Which strikes me as odd because there is apparently a market for this type of show. I saw a commercial recently for a show called "Wall Street" or something similar and it's basically a "Traders" rip-off (in fact, I thought it was a commercial for "Traders" at first).

From what I recall (with my limited memory), Fuzzy Peach Slices were also available only in Canada until fairly recently. Since Fuzzy Peach Slices are arguably one of the best candies in existence, this was an unfortunate state of affairs. Thankfully, it has been remedied.

Oh yeah, and federally-funded health care.

Whoop! Apparently ketchup-flavoured potato chips have been available in Maine for quite some time. Perhaps this speaks volumes for the illegal potato chip trafficking industry...

And no one has to worry about me down-voting anything, at least until I get to level two :)