Loose Ends

Leaving Florida tomorrow, back to Baltimore. Two days from now, to New York City. Then Baltimore, then Long Island for Thanksgiving, then...dunno. No plans; no job; no pressing obligations; nothing but two bags of posessions and a fair sum of money in my account at First Hawaiian Bank.

Back to Honolulu, sun, my bicycle, my new friends, and the Pacific Ocean all around?

Or go back to Baltimore and see if I can make a new life in my old scene with a new outlook?

Or to some third city somewhere on this earth?

I am open to suggestions. And, if any noders in North America would like to donate a place to sleep temporarily, I make a relatively unobtrusive houseguest. On the one hand, I do shed; but on the other I'm really excellent at washing dishes, I know a number of amusing stories, I can lift heavy things, and I used to be pretty good on the bass guitar but haven't played in a while.