Whatever happened to Saturday night?

Woken at 7:30 in the morning by a cat meowing outside my bedroom door for no particular reason. A pot of strong coffee and a good breakfast took care of my hangover and the temptation to drop-kick said cat into the next county.

Looking over an e-mail I sent last night:

hah...I'm a loser...my Saturday night action is drinking gin and tonics and talking to the cats

It would be funnier if it weren't true. My ex-girlfriend (to whom I wrote that e-mail) met Lou Reed this weekend. My roommate was nowhere to be found. Me, I was...well...drinking gin and tonics and talking to the cats.

It could be worse. The cat may actually have done me a favor by waking me up early, since tomorrow, I start my new job.

I've been out of work since October, and now that I've managed to spend several consecutive weeks in the same city, I've been actively looking again. My plan is to save up some money and then fuck off back to Honolulu, where the cost and quality of living are both much higher than here.

Until Friday the 13th I'd had no success. A typical reply to my e-mailed resume read about like this:

Thank you for applying for the position of part-time apprentice jizz-mopper's assistant. We have had over 6,000,000 applications and expect many more. Should we decide that your application merits the continuation of the hiring process, we will contact you. We wish you the best of luck with your search for employment.

So I started to get a little discouraged. Then, out of the blue, a good friend of mine arranged an interview with this guy he does consulting work for. We hung out with him, and over lunch he made the offer. I played it cool and allowed as how I might be able to take time out of my busy schedule to hack on some things for him.

I start tomorrow. I'm going to be a professional computer programmer again. I've been saying how I wanted to branch out and try other fields of work, but I'm not really qualified for anything else except unskilled labor or general clerical work, both of which I've done plenty of in the last few months. There being a glut of warm bodies in the job market right now, my chances of getting even those types of work are (were) slim.

So twist my arm, I'm just going to have to be rich again. If I decide I have a calling to do something else, at least I'll be able to afford tuition.