The Continuing Adventures Of A Young Slacker In The Place Where East Meets West And Has Messy Sex

Woke up early in the youth hostel that I currently call home, and managed to spend almost four hours doing two loads of laundry. It's not easy being that inefficient, but I managed. During the laundry debacle I hauled out the pages of want ads that I had secreted about my person the other day and went through the ritual of calling them.

One ad in particular was for convention setup. I called and they asked me to come in for an interview as soon as possible. In fact, they said that if I had a white dress shirt, black dress slacks, black dress shoes, and black socks I could work this very night. Luckily I had all of these items, so I busted ass for downtown and met with a man named Eric at 1:30. He offered me the chance to usher at a banquet honoring insurance agents who had done some monumental feat of foisting Allstate on the populace. Menial work, you might say. $10 an hour, I say, and my say is final in this regard.

That gig ended just about an hour ago; I accrued $35 for three and a half hours of showing people to their assigned tables. Now I am typing this missive in a Korean cybercafe where I also managed to acquire a hot coffee and a fine plate of steamed mandoo. In another hour and a half I return to the Hawaii Convention Center to earn more money helping with breakdown, and two and a half hours after that I set out for a nearby Hilton to usher again from 6 AM to 10 AM. After that, a long nap figures prominently in my plans. In a strange way, I feel like Hunter S. Thompson. You'd kind of have to be here to understand.