Reflections on my first half century 

On the occasion of my 51st birthday I find myself filled with gratitude and wonder. I've led a good life thus far and have been blessed with an early appreciation of the journey as well as the destination. The rewards haven't come easily — I've always worked hard and never let an opportunity pass me by — but, like an orchard, as the branches of the trees have weathered and matured, the harvest has become more bountiful and the fruit more satisfying.

I'm thankful for the many excellent people in my life as well. I'm not naturally gregarious, tending to find more delight delving into the endless mysteries of science and nature rather than stumbling and faltering in the rough and tumble chaos of personal relationships. I don't make friends very easily and my small circle of intimates are cherished, each and every one.

Finding E2 a little over a year ago allowed me to expand that circle to include a group of you that I'd otherwise never have met and for that I'm also grateful. This quirky little virtual town of ours has filled a hole in my grouchy old heart that I didn't even know existed.

I wish I could offer you some profound, or at least useful, wisdoms but most of life, it appears to me, is just putting one foot ahead of the other and following your own path with conscience and good humor.  So, in lieu of high flying rhetoric, here's a toast to E2 and a thanks to all for making it the way it is.

Saludos y pesetas y tiempo para gustarlo


PS, tomorrow I go back to being grumpy again so watch out. Grrrrrr!