Lometa's perfect puppy

My friend Lometa, who some of you may already know, recently suffered through the loss of two good friends, both of whom were dogs. She is a sturdy soul and she bore this loss with her trademark strength and grace. A little time has passed since  the event and her thoughts are turning once again to the joys of canine companionship. To wit, she's hoping to get a new puppy soon.

Rumor has it that Lometa will be offline for a couple of days later this week, and I thought it might be fun for E2 to help her in her search for a perfect puppy. Those of you who know her well already should be able to provide her with some insightful perspectives on the topic I'd reckon. And those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting the Lady LoLo, here's a reading assignment Go read any 20 of Lometa's brilliant writeups. Immediately. Yes, I mean it, shoo!

So, below, you'll find my perfect puppy for Lometa, and I'd like to invite the rest of you to give it a few minutes and drop your puppy right here in the daylogs. When she returns, she'll find our accumulated efforts and I think she'll grace us with a few smiles.

Here's the Rules

- Whimsical, factual, historical, referential, ironic, sappy and silly are all fine.  In fact, it all good, but if you insult her in any way I will track you down and make you eat nodegel until you apologize until she forgives you. And she  has a LONG memory.

- This whole thing stays in the daylogs.

- Let's each give her our best advice, but keep it on topic.

- As the New Yorker Magazine says, "Brevity is appreciated."

- Please add this headline topic to all contributions: "Lometa's Perfect Puppy"

- No matter when you write your puppy, post it in this node February 26, 2004.

Here's my own offering, subject to continuous revisions...

Lometa's perfect puppy should:

... be smart as a whip, because she is.  In the words of someone who knows her well, "Dat Lo is one erudite chick!"

... be fierce when necessary, because she needs a stout hearted companion when things get tough.

... be patient enough to sleep at her feet for many long hours while she's noding.

... be a bit strange looking, because she admires the more difficult kinds of beauty that others sometimes miss.

... make that soft dawggy snoring sound when sleeping, cause it's the next best thing to having a large cat in your lap.

... be friends with everyone, except the UPS guy.

... always be excited to see her, just like the rest of E2 is when she drops in here from time to time.

... quite obviously, Lometa's perfect puppy should be a smart, fierce, patient, funny lookin, snoring, friendly, loving Dalmatian dawg. D'Oh!


The Petshop Window

Lometa says re February 26, 2004: ohhhyer sneaky ! *L* Ahh this is so sweet! *tighthuggles and a kiss on the cheek* thank you.*smiles*

(Thanks to all of you! -gom)