Good Cop Bad Cop 

On the best of my good days I can almost fool myself into believing that I know what I'm doing here. Mostly.  The rest of the time it's a painfully random happenstance. If I stumble over your skimpy, poorly-written off-the-cuff writeup when I'm in a good mood I may give it a pass on the assumption that the fact that I don't get it, doesn't mean there's nothing of value there.  On the other hand, your orotund exposition wafting mellifluously through the nodegel may have its precious little bubble pricked over a few glaring typos if it catches me at the wrong time.

Arbitrary, inconsistent and lacking confidence.  I'll fess to all of that right up front, and rely on it as a plausible explanation for why I'm taking my time easing into the content editor role.  I've nuked a half dozen nodes so far and I stand by all them.  Each writer has received a personal message and a couple have even thanked me for the feedback.  One knucklehead claimed to be delighted with the publicity value of being my first nuke!

So I'm taking it slow and I have to believe that I'll be a better editor for it in the end. In the mean time, I ask a lot of questions.

Copyright Crusader

I may not be much of an editor yet, but I'm paying it forward in trying to ease the transition to the new E2 copyright policy.   I'm so deeply immersed in the mechanics of this copyright compliance process that I'm gonna need a decompression chamber if I want to get out alive!  I'm not a martyr to the cause or anything, this stuff has become a real obsession and I've had the pleasure of working closely with some wonderful people.  But I hope, and I have to believe, that this will be worthwhile in the end because it sure has had a lot of calories expended on it. 

I'm dreamin a dream of E2 and it doesn't include copyright violations.  It's as simple as that. 

The Quest is over, long live the Quest! 

Out of the ashes of the Copyright Redemption Quest, arose the Content Salvage Team (CST) as an ongoing service to the E2 community. As the Quest drew to an end, the members of the group put their heads together and made the decision to keep the idea alive.  I reckon this whole thing has been pretty widely advertised already, but at the risk of being redundant, here's a synopsis.  It's mostly cut and paste from the Content_Salvage homenode, but a little well placed redundancy can be useful sometimes.

The Content Salvage Team (CST) was formed  in mid August 2003 in response to the new E2 copyright policy.  The CST originally operated under the auspices of the Copyright Redemption Quest  During the Quest, the Copyright Salvage Team (CST) reviewed over 550 writeups submitted by 97 different E2 authors. 535 of the writeups were deemed compliant with the new policy and the authors were encouraged to add the CST Approved tag as an indication that the writeup had passed a formal inspection. The text of these reviews was stored for future reference in a series of collaboration documents titled CST_Storage_n.  A summary of the compliant reviews was created in Copyright Compliant Lyrics and Poems

CST FAQ (How Do I...?)

Below you'll find some "path of least resistance" procedures for using the CST services.  As in all things, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so feel free to improvise on these suggestions where necessary.  This is just intended to get you where you want to go as expeditiously as possible.

How do I submit a writeup for CST Review?

Easy as pie!  Just contact us like this:

 /msg Content_Salvage Please review [MyWriteUpTitle] for copyright compliance.

We also ask that you include any special copyright information that you think is relevant to the review.  For example, if you received permission to quote from the original author, or if you know the work is in the public domain let us know. 

How do I submit a writeup for the CST Referral Service?

Just contact us like this:

 /msg Content_Salvage Please add [WriteUpTitle] to the referral list.  The original author is [Me or Fled or Not going to repost] and this writeup is available for rescue.

How do I request advice or assistance from the CST?

We're happy to field your questions to the best of our abilities. 

 /msg Content_Salvage My girlfriend's father's brother is good friends with a former drummer from Adam and the Ants.  He says it's totally cool to post the lyrics to It's just no fun being an illegal alien.  Izzat Cool or what?

Hmmmm, like I said, we'll do our best...

Do I have to submit my writeup for CST Review? 

Heck no.  In fact the E2 copyright policy is pretty straightforward and if you are confident that your work is compliant just let er rip.  CST reviews are best used if you aren't sure yet how the policy works, or have a special situation that requires interpretation.


- grouch


For lots more E2 copyright info see the Content_Salvage homenode.