Puffed Kashi is indeed a wonderful cereal, far beyond the crinkled cardboard that usually passes for food. I loathe advertising, but when I come across something this good I have to recommend it by name. It is eight kinds of whole grain or seed, it is semi-puffed so it is chewy without being bloating, and it contains nothing else, no sugar, salt, or other such filth.

My box depicts a bowl full of the stuff with a silver spoon taking some out, plus a few raspberries, so it's discreetly marked serving suggestion in order not to disappoint too much people who expect to find giant fresh raspberries and milk inside. It looks as if this is an imported package, only slightly altered in reprinting for UK distribution: so it is possible this is what it now looks like in the USA too.

On the other side it tells you all about sesame seeds and the seven grains, namely oats, triticale, red winter wheat, rye, barley, long-grain brown rice, and buckwheat. These are flash-cooked in what sounds like a Romulan plasma drive oven for 15 seconds to open them up and render their texture perfect.

Invented by Phillip and Gayle Tauber, a "nutritionally-minded couple" from La Jolla, for enabling them to run round and round Carl Lewis taunting "slowcoach!", but is also perfect for noders who can just manage to dip one hand in a box from time to time for a fistful of food that will keep them going.

I believe kashi is the Russian for buckwheat, but on checking, I find my little dictionary doesn't have it. But kásha is 'porridge, gruel'.

They also make a nice honey-covered version and one with chocolate in it... which to me slightly defeats the purpose. I would avoid the Walt Disney film Sesame Seeds and the Seven Grains like the proverbial plague.