1779. Four-wheeled velocipede invented by Blanchard and Magurier in France.
1839. Kirkpatrick Macmillan (1810-1878), a blacksmith of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, puts pedal-driven cranks on a tricycle. I have a less reliable source that says 1834.
1845. Robert Thomson invents but does not develop the pneumatic tyre.
1861. Ernest Michaux invents direct drive.
1868. Rubber tyres.
1869. Bicycles manufactured by Coventry Sewing Machine Co., England.
1870. First cycle club, the Pickwick Bicycle Club, formed in London.
1878. Bicycles manufactured by A.A. Pope in America.
1885. J.K. Starley manufactures the 'Rover' design with nearly equal wheels, and uses the initials J.K. so that boys would want to ride them too, okay I made that last bit up.
1888. John Dunlop (1840-1921) develops pneumatic tyre.

This is a real case of Node what you don't know. I know what wheels are, and I reckon I could correctly tell handlebars from pedals eight times out of ten, in a good light, if I wasn't tired, and that's about it.