In chronological order:

  1. The playing-card. The Queen in the pack of cards is said to be based on Elizabeth Woodville, queen to Edward IV. (Though traditional ascriptions of historical characters to the cards are poorly supported.)
  2. Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, lived 1596-1662. The daughter of King James VI and I, she was married in 1613 to Frederick, the Elector Palatine. In 1619 he was elected King of Bohemia, but was soon driven out as part of the religious wars of Europe. He was known as the Winter King, and she, an exceptionally learned, beautiful, and well-beloved lady, was known as the Queen of Hearts. The famous and dashing Prince Rupert was among their children.
  3. The playing-card character in Lewis Carroll.
  4. A song by Juice Newton
  5. Diana, Princess of Wales, from a remark made by her in her Panorama interview with Martin Bashir that, acknowledging she would not be queen consort, she would like to be a queen in people's hearts.