Return to Dream Log: February 5, 2001 (idea)

I was on the [tube] and there was to be a private [Christmas party] just for our street, which G. was organizing. But there was a gang of [tough]s from another street in the same [carriage] as me, and they were talking about going. They moved off making [threatening] noises about G.; I presumed she could take care of herself but I worried anyway.

But I found I was on the wrong line, or had taken a wrong turning. We went through a station called [Demeter], I and thought for a moment I had never seen it before, and wondered whether it was named in honour of our [noder].

At the end of one line the [station] became a big room in which there were [retro] 1950s [silver] [robot]s. I realized I had to change lines, so I went back a few stations, got off, and looked at the [tube map]. I had to get to a station at the bottom of the loop called [Friday] (or [Frisky], perhaps), and [interchange] there. But I only had a single [ticket] and couldn't use it to continue.

So I decided it wasn't too far to walk, as it was just over a [bridge] outside the station, and south of the [Thames]. It was night, about 10 o'clock, and I usually don't mind [walk]ing long distances at that time, but at this point I noticed I was [barefoot]. I thought back where I could have left my [shoe]s, and after a bit of thought [deduce]d that it was [impossible] I could have been travelling through [London] all this time without shoes, without noticing it: therefore I must be dreaming. So if I woke up I would be all right, or if by effort of [will] I could turn this into a [lucid dream] I could just rewrite the dream so that I was wearing shoes again. (I didn't fancy walking barefoot, even when I knew it was a dream.)

So I tried, but without success, and eventually I had waited so long I realized I wasn't going to wake up because I was already really [awake]. This was a nuisance.

I got a [meal] in a [foil] tray, and it looked nice, but there was [melted cheese] adhering to the sides of the [tray], so I really needed a [fork] to eat it. I went into the station, but they had the wrong kind of [cutlery] in the nearer parts, so I went further in and got my fork.

Here I met S., the most [attractive] person I know, and in the course of talk she explained the new [tax system] to me, with a [tape] and [projection]s in her [bedroom] in the station. Because I needed this for [work] I decided I should borrow her tape.

She measured my arm and expressed amused [surprise] at its dimension. I really really wanted her to [measure] my leg because I was wearing nothing below but a loose scrap of cloth.

After I'd woken up, I was lying in bed waiting for the [alarm clock] to go off, and looking at [Everything2]. I found a good write-up (possibly by [Muke] or [Anacreon]) and wanted to [vote] for it, but didn't have any votes, from which I deduced that it was not yet [six o'clock]: or possibly I had to log off and log back in before I saw my fresh allocation.

I think it was in the dream, though I won't swear to it, that I worked out that if I was looking at my [computer screen] while awake and in bed then I actually wasn't.