The name Cherokee is from the native word Tsaragi in the extinct eastern dialect; the corresponding form in the western (Oklahoma) and middle (North Carolina) dialects is Tsalagi, though their proper name for themselves is Yunwiya (or Ani-Yunwiya).

Roman transcriptions of Cherokee usually separate the syllables out, as Yun-wi-ya and Tsa-la-gi or Tsa la gi, but I think that gives an unnecessarily odd appearance to it. Although it is written in the syllabic script of Sequoyah, there is no particular phonetic jerkiness to it, which the hyphenated form gives.

The numerals one to ten are sakwui, ta?li, tsooi, nvvgi, hiisgi, sudali, galikwoogi, tsuneela, soneela, sgohi. The ? represents a glottal stop and the v is a nasalized neutral vowel.