The worlds leading renter of movies, DVDs, and video games.
Known for their always up to date supply of hit movies, Blockbuster is where almost anyone would go to get almost any movie they would want to see. While Blockbuster doesnt stock every movie known to man, like Hollywood Video, they almost always have what you're looking for in stock, if they carry it.

Blockbuster rents hit movies, classics, and not-so classics, as well as video games for most popular modern game console systems, as well as VCRs and some game consoles.

They currently have over 6000 stores around the world. Based on a franchise system, each store more or less makes its own rules as long as they stay within the corporate guidlelines setforth by the parent corporation, Blockbuster Inc.

The folling information was gleemed from
World Headquarters
Blockbuster Inc.
1201 Elm Street
Dallas, Texas 75270

Blockbuster operates a store within a ten-minute drive of virtually every major U.S. neighborhood.

Each Blockbuster store carries approximately 10,000 to 14,000 videos.