Another day, another crisis. My mom has a foster kid... he got drunk lastnight and punched a hole in the wall...I suspect she'll make him go to rehab for this one. Anyways.... So I'm a newbie but I got cooled aready, yay go me! Guess someone here likes Grand Ams. It's FRIDAY which means that I can go get drunk on Vodka and read Inanna to cute girls. That is, if I knew any cute girls who wanted me to read them Sumerian Hymns. I don't really feel like playing with my computers tonight, but hey... what are daylogs for?
Everyone enjoy your weekend and be safe and sane, peace hippies.

You know, it occurs to me, it's the 6th, at 6:22pm and this is the october 7 daylog.. moops, but the above also applies to saturday night so I guess it's all good.