Chickenpox, day 14,679.

So, they seem to be getting better by the day.. less pain, more itching right now. I just ate a huge dinner so my stomach is rather upset... but lots of Green Chile, which of corse is LOADED with vitamin C, yay me!.
So, how was your day? oh, nice to hear. My dad and brother are leaving me for 10 days to go to florida for something or another....vacation.... I am SOOOO glad that they're gonna be gone... too bad I have cpox, I'd have a party otherwise.... maybe these will be gone enough by next weekend that I can invite someone special over tho... who knows :)

On a more e2 related note, today has ben a bad node day... it seems that 9/10 of my last nodes have been downvoted to hell.... fair enough, they were mostly shit... but a few I think were downvoted out of spite. When they get back in spite, I'll let ya all know.

The subject of "gorilla marketing" came up at dinner.... yes I know thats not how it's spelled.
Basiclly there's 2 problems:

  1. Gorillas are endangered, this makes them hard to hire on as ad reps.
  2. Sending them to market is another issue, they tend to wreak havoc in the produce section, and there aint a mop boy on earth ' can stare down a 500 pound silver back...

Besides that, today was good.