So , as you may or may not know... Today I was diagnosed with having Chicken Pox. I dont have Shingles, so please stop telling me I do, unless you're a doctor and looking at me. I went to the doctor this morning, I was told to come right in. They put me on urgent status.
I am 21 years old, and have had chicken pox before, apprently because of my age and severity of the break out, this puts me at a very high risk for all sorts of things, which was enough for them to get me in within 20 minutes of my call. I dont know for certain all the bad things that can happen to me... strep throat, pneumonia, infections...other stuff... all I _KNOW_ is that I have a million little red bumps all over my body and they itch like HELL, they itch so bad that they HURT, there's been times today where I almost have to just sit down and force myself not to start crying from the pain... This is rather traumatic for me as I've always considered myself as having a fairly high tolerance for pain. I took tylenol, but that only got rid of the head ache, the burning itching PAIN linger on, so I took a vicodin... we'll see if that helps, lets hope so :)

In other news, my brother found a stray dog, took it to our moms house and washed it off, she's a cute little rot/small dog mutt puppy... named it beemer (we have a dog named boomer already..."cute" huh?),,,

What else.... not a whole hell of a lot, mostly since I have to stay home I've been playing motocross madness 2, or chatting on #everything... so I guess I'll go back to that now :)