Once again I node into the furture. I'm sorry, but the time on E2 is screwy....

So anyways, I woke up this morning with a VERY stiff neck, a SPLITTING headache, and messed up sinus problems. I dont think I'm sick, I just had a hard night for sleeping. Missed my first class, but i guess I'm ok....I dont think I'll fail... tho there's no telling :\
I've decided I need some good photo strobes, checking them out from school is a hassle, and they're not mine to do with as I please, which means I cant break them in the name of trying something new.
Oh yeah, I fucking _FAILED_ a midterm today, an art history test, I got a 59% on it. I guess that's a D, but still, a D wont count towards my degree. *sigh* I can maybe get a C in the class if I do VERY well on my paper.

What else...? got some of my hairs cut...
went to school, was misserable in pain
came home, went next door and talked to neighbor for an hour, he's a cool old canadian guy who always has those ubercool canadian over the counter Tylenol w/ codine, now i feel better.
Came home, started noding some lyrics:

Wrote a couple other little nodes, suprised that blockbuster wasnt done already... odd...

Anyways, now i am going to bed early, and painfully... but oh well, tomarrow i get to see Jackie :)