Showed up 15 minutes late to a computer art class, yay, it's cool tho, I think. In a class of about 20 people there's um... 3 of us here now.... lame huh? I wouldnt have shown up except I felt obligated to, I mean, I cant miss EVERY class, right? Anyways so I am supposed to be thinking of a project to do, the assignment is basiclly this:
make an image that is photorealistic, print it, and turn it in. This sounds easy but getting a collage of images to look like they were arranged together on film is much harder thanit sounds. I have to consider lighting, scale, and subject.... oh well, I have a couple weeks. oh, what else?

I have a few nodes I wrote in the last couple days, I'm kinda bummed because they didnt get the attention I felt they needed.... these would be:

  • FUJI A break down of all I know about Fuji film and stuff.
  • The Key On My Desk Just because, I did this kinda late and not many people were around...
  • The Everything Webcam Registry This is self explainatory, I want attention so that people will add their info. ;)

Besides that, I guess I had a good weekend, but it's over now. I did a lot, but nothing of any value. I installed Win98 on my main system, this is because Win2000 sucks ass for video and games.

Now some random thoughts:
The inverse of the sum of the squares of 7 numbers between 9 and 74
My fortune cookie died.
I have toes!

OH yes, there's more now...

ideas for my art studio 389: topics: Digital Photography class:

  1. A small lake with a pathway leading across it's surface. Trees all around the lake, and a fountain in the middle of said pond.
         How/what I need:
    • lake (check)
    • pathway .. I'll have to find the right one, this might not be so easy.
    • trees: I have lots of trees to take pictures of, I might use some plants a friend of mine has also... *wink*
    • Fountain.. eh..... if I find a good one, I might use it..
    • A dramatic Sky: I have some film I can use for this...yeah!

  2. A Light bulb with something inside, maybe a kewpie doll! The only problem I see here is I would need _GOOD_ lighting, nothing natural... it would have to be very staged... I'll go check on that. I'd also need room to work in, the studio the school provides would be great, if I can get a time slot that works for me.

  3. This one might be VERY hard to do, but: Put an entire city inside a jar, and have the jar floating on a layer of mercury...neat huh? I'm not even gonna worry about the logistics yet... I'll do the first 2 for now.
Anyways, thats all I got now.. might even add more later