Ye Gods, that's a long daylog up there!
So anyways... what's new....I now have >100 writeups, putting me in triple digit land! YAY!
I woke up this morning feeling like shit, it sucks... I've been bombarded by political advertising, mostly for bush.
I'm going to vote for nader. I've made up my mind. Where's the little button I can push to turn off all the ads? This is insane.
Now, I know that everyone says a vote for nader is a vote for bush.
NO, a vote for nader is a vote for nader...fscking hell, what's wrong with you people? where's your sense of logic!? hehehe...
No, really... the reason i vote for nader is so that, even at the cost of living under bush for 4 years, the greens will break the 5% mark nationally, and that will turn a LOT of heads. I do it so as the Green Party lives on, so they build steam. I'm young, I've got money, at least enough that I can pay for food, and above all, no matter what president tells me to do what, I'm happy. If my happiness comes at the cost of breaking a new law, well.... it wouldnt be the first time, and untill I'm ever in trouble for pursueing my own happiness at cost to no one else (ok, if killing ppl made me happy, I still wouldnt do it, ok?) then I'll still do it..yeah!

Had a conversation about that whole "pi is everything" today, reminding me of my The *REAL* pi node... apprently some people didnt like it :\
speaking of nodes, here's a few to get ya started:

Those are my past 24 hour nodes, minus the lyrics I noded for The Devil's Bris
Ok, off to start my day.
one last note: chickenpox are getting MUCH better, thanks to all the ppl concerned :)