standing out on some kind of platform in the middle of a lake but I'm not 100% sure it's a lake it might be giant pupil of a monkey that's exponentially larger than the Earth, as the lake is very large, and expands to the horizon.

I Turn Around and there's a trail in the water eye thing that leads up into a building that looks to be the home of a greek god or something. I go inside and black out.

I wake up in a cold sweat it's 3:19am (I always remember times and tho I'm always 10 minutes late I'm at least consistantly late).

I go back to sleep trying to return to this room that's on a rock outcrop, perhaps a peice of lint in the giant eye. It's no use, I start to dream about a time when I was younger than I am now. All I can recall is cotton candy and somthing green I think it's a tree or maybe a wall with trees drawn on. There's a dog I dont know. I'm in a park in the bottom of a valley of grass at a SCA event.

Now that I am awake (really) I know this place. It's the time i got tied to a tree when I was about 5. I was chasing the king (or whatever) of Rolling Thunder's daughter with a stick. All I can say is oops.

Now for a joke I heard lastnight before i fell asleep:
What's brown and sticky?
. (read this backwards) kcitS A