Do you ever get that feeling that your feet aren't on the ground? I have this recuring dream where I am walking in a mall or costco or other large crowded public space. All the sudden I feel my feet start to leave the ground. It's not exactlly flying it's very close to hovering. It is hovering. It's interesting, I can zip around and I start to get cocky and start darting between the other people in my dreams. The people are for the most part adrogenous clones of eachother; however once in a while I'll see a friend or something. I don't feel there's a goal to be reached in this dream. I feel it's more of a detachment from reality for the nights when I really need it. You know those days when life is just trying to punish you? It's a very relaxing sensation, this moving without walking. Someday if I remember I'll try to throw this dream into a more lucid state and see if I can controll my dreams. First thing I want to try is walking off something high and see if I just fall or if I gradually sink to a new level. Maybe I'll just stay in the same height-plane and REALLY have a feeling of flight. Anyways, they're very nice dreams, I think I'll go floss now.