Ok, this one was very lucid:
Started out I was in an airport, the airport is kinda skethchy... I remember I needed to fnd an airline with the code "JC" which is what it said on the ticket.
I wound up at a delta gate in the middle of no where, and they told me to go to the NorthWest terminal, so I went through an x-ray (yes, I put my body through it).
Finally i get to my plane, I dont recall where I was going, just that I had been there before, and i had a first class ticket.
time passes
I get on the plane, imediatly I know I'm dreaming because of the layout of the plane, this is the point I start to try to take controll.
as I walk towards my seat, the front seat, 1B, I notice that I can see out the front of the plane with a good 200 degree view, the front of the plane is made of glass.
As I take my seat I notice there's a girl in 1A, it takes be about 1/10,000,000th of a second to know who it is.
She's this girl that works at a pool hall I frequent (in real life, not in my dream). I've thought she was beautiful since the day I saw her, but I've never talked to her, never really had a chance or reason... but it's a long story better left to a daylog.
So I sit down, and she knows me, like about as well as I know her. She's got a very strange last name, eastern bloc sounding, lots of k's and stuff... anyways... thats about all I know, her first name I think starts with an A...
So anyways, we start flying, and I'm looking out the cockpit window (there's not a divider wall) and talking to her, and we both have our shoes off and she starts playing with my feet with hers, and I put my head on her shoulder, and that's about it... just that little familiar connection, but I'd only known her a few hours.... it was odd
Before you jump to conclusions, this was not an erotic dream of any sort, I have these dreams a lot... it's always like... innocent...
Anyways, back to the dream, we're flying along, and we pop out of a cloud, and there's this weird mountain in front of us with a castle looking thing, and big jaggedspires. The pilot pulls up just in time, and we go plummeting back down the other side of this mountain... I recall justifying this to myself by saying "well, I'm sure it's always been like this, I just never saw it cuz it was cloudy".
I somehow come to the conclusion that these are the Kazakhstani Alps, a mountain range, that in my dreams, is the biggest on earth... odd? I think so
Sure enough, we do this many more times, almost hitting houses, mountains, people, and a car...at one point I look down and there's a guy walking on a trail towards an old stone house playing with a CD player, big headphones on, he looks like he belongs on a bike, he's in speedos and has short hair and is all stringy like a professional biker...it was very out of place because this town we're flying over looks VERY old, and very basic... I dont see any sign of electricity anywhere.

meanwhile, me and this girl are getting really comfortable with each other (but keeping it innocent) and talking about things I dont recall any more...It's at this point that we land, it's a rough landing and it wakes me up... so I go back to sleep, and I have another dream, semi related I think.... but not nearly as intense....
Setting is in like Paris maybe, I'm with a girl, not the girl from the plane, but at the same time it IS her, it's very odd. We have a kid, and we're in a park, and somehow I manage to learn to controll the pidgeons with weird squeeks and whistles, it's all very surreal at this point.

It was all over at 9:04am, I hear a crash outside my room, get up to investigate, and see nothing, but the dream is lost and I'm awake now, so I get up about an hour later and write this.