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We not only can change the world, we do it every single day.
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Grey Widow may be someone you know. She's a sister, a daughter, wife/widow and while was unable to be a mother, will love you fiercely and protect others as a mother would for there is no place her energy can rest. Her husband was a Hopi/Cherokee reservation boy, dirt poor, tossed into Cambodia only to ultimately become 100% combat disabled and that proud warrior, capable of giving or taking life - at the same time - spent his time once back here walking the lands and providing medical care for the poor, homeless in exchange for chickens, eggs, a kind word, a cruel word - or nothing at all but the realization that transcendence is true service. We sometimes do not know we are good people. We often think we're not, when our sins and crimes are miniscule compared to the institutional evils we humans keep recreating in a truly insane attempt to get a different result. The only way out of loops is disruption, and we all live in disruption now. Grey Widow does not want you to be afraid, feel alone, get so angry you harm yourself or others, or do selfish acts when you do have a heart but weren't ever given or told it was there and what the power of love can do in this world when it is shared and realized without hidden agendas. Love yourself, for you are loved, even if by a virtual presence you may have met one day along the journey of our travels and travails.