What do you get if you take a teenage geek and place him in a room on IRC with a load of people who are writing poetry?

The answer, this:

Once while sitting down at school
I saw a girl who made me drool
I wanted to ask her for her name
but I was afraid of sounding lame
I wanted to tell her about me
and my 1337 skillz using VB
and how I had hacked the DoJ
and really made those bastards pay
I had so many words in my head
like "will you join me in my bed?"
In the lab later on that day
I heard a voice next to me say
"Could you help me here, I'm new"
That pretty girl was a geek too!
From then on we had some fun
trying to make our BASH scripts run
until she said one day on IRC
"I want to take you home with me"
I'm still a geek but now I fuck
I guess some guys get all the luck :-)