At the moment I have to produce my UCAS form for University application. This involves producing a personal statement. This basically has to sell me to the university. I need to talk about why I would be suited to the course, why I am interested in the course and other good things about myself. Even for a self-publicist such as myself it is difficult to produce something that is not too quirky but still not completely uninspired.

I am currently on my second draft, the whole thing has to be within 47 lines in Times New Roman point 12. Don’t ask me why they specify the length like this instead of with a word count.

I thought I would add it to my log today and would very much like some feed back, particularly from recent applicants and even more from professors themselves. I am applying for Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics (MORSE) at Warwick and Maths and Economics joint honours at LSE, Bristol, Leeds and Exeter.

On September 17th, when the US stock market was hit by its biggest percentage one day fall ever, economics again proved to be at the centre of world affairs. The economic war has begun and it is indeed going to be a fierce battle. I yet again yearn to have a better understanding of the deeper factors involved in this war. I hope my study of economics will give this to me.

I find the complex combination of factors involved in economic theory captivating. I enjoy attempting to examine the reasoning behind economic policy decisions made by governments, companies and individuals. I want to be able to follow the same lines of reasoning as these economists and so want to learn both the theory and application of economics. Within the discipline I am particularly intrigued by macroeconomics and economic policy as these decisions have profound effects throughout the world. Yet of microeconomics holds its own separate fascination for me. Analysis of specific factors affecting each household or business income and examining the ways these break down appeals greatly to me.

Further Maths at A Level developed my interest in areas of mathematics other than statistics. This has led me to apply for a combined mathematics and economics course. There are various elements of my mathematics that I want to study more, such as Matrices and Calculus. In addition other new areas beckon, such as stochastic processes and time series and forecasting .

I enjoy all types of analysis. In each subject I am able to employ these skills to good effect, and in a different way in each subject. In history I enjoy drawing comparisons not just within the course material but also with other periods in History. In the statistical modules of maths I have been able to analyse statistical data in my regular work as well as in greater detail in my coursework. I especially enjoy presenting my analysis in the form of an argument or discussion as this allows me to combine my passion for debate with analytical skills. I relish the quick thinking, wit and rebuttal needed for argument.

I play bridge and as 1st IV captain for the third year running I have been able to play both socially and in competition. I am a keen cricketer and I have captained the 2nd XI for the last two years. I have particularly enjoyed the social challenge of this and the combination of leadership, morale building and organisation that comes with it. My leadership skills were also developed through my time in the RAF section of the CCF. As a Corporal I would teach cadets and command them on exercise. As well, I am a School prefect and a Lower School prefect, whereby I am involved with the pastoral care and school life of an individual Lower School form. I enjoy these roles within the school, particularly that of lower school prefect as I can talk and interact with younger students whom I would otherwise probably not meet.

Thanks in advance for your help.