Aftermath nodes are so American, we wouldn't want to be American now, would we? - heyoka

So here we have my tired hungover musings on Will Ya Ride Me Like A Monkey Missus? : An Anglo-Irish E2 Get-Together

Just before departing for Yo! Below (no it's not a pirate ship, we (jobby and I) were dissapointed too) I called the bar to leave a message for the guys in case they left before we got there. This was primarily based on advice from #e:

<Great Neb>: We're gonna be later for the get together, do you think they will stay in the bar or do something "crazy and impulsive"?

<Eraser>: Assume crazy and impulsive.

So we arrived in this bar that still didn't have any pirates in and we looked around. The groups of people that were there, squatting on the floow because chairs are just overrated according to Yo!Below, all had too many girls (sorry heyoka, (darsi), sm957 and idoru's girlfriend) with them so we did a good line in looking lost for about five minutes. Luckily our earlier call had paid off and bol had left his mobile number with one of the barmen so a quick call later and he was on his way to meet us and bring us into the fold. Jobby suggested that an easier method would be the implementation of an E2 Bat Signal that could be flashed up for every node meet.

So we arrived in the new pub and settled nervously down. At first siddling up to The Oolong Man and idoru and being made to feel slightly more at home we solved any problems that may have been arrising by having a drink. After that the evening began to flow wonderfully. I met wertperch who was dissapointed to find that I was not the African Totem God Tribal Chieftan that he had pictured. I pointed out in return that he was not the hard working academic that I had pictured and all was well again.

I then moved on to be introduced to ascorbic, tallroo and heyoka and the remants of the Monkeys! Lesbians! Soy! meme that had been collected earlier in the form of a beer stained cudly toy (no it wasn't the lesbian you freaks!). roo and I worshipped heyoka for a while as she told of travelling across the big blue desert and meeting the ones known as wicker nipple, perderdor and even yossarian.

Then I bumbled upon tiefling and we had a fascinating conversation about religion, the church and anglicanism. Luckily (at this stage) I was only slightly tainted by the mark of alcohol so I was able (tiefling better back me up on this or I'm screwed) to hold an intelligent conversation with him.

By this time the ass feeling had enthusiastically begun with idoru as chief feeler and wertperch as chief feelee. (darsi) obviously started with an extremely unfair advantage but some did hold their own. I had brief but interesting conversation with gnarl who was looking very arty and I felt that I was bound to say something very uncultured by mistake so I didn't talk for too long.

11pm and closing time seemed to sneak up on us all of a sudden and we were being sheppered, rather unsuccessfully, out of the pub. Once outside there was much hugging and shouting all round. I started to barge fight spinyNorm which was, in retrospect, a mistake but I was disqualified by jobby and wertperch who judged I had been using too much shoulders, curses!

So noders tottered off into the night with fairwells echoing around Soho and we walked to the buss stop and travelled home in a large red object and alighted from the bus and walked to my house and ascended the stairs to my room and fell into bed with the final summary from jobby:

That was a pretty good night

To which I replied, "Yeah, yeah it was, wasn't it". And thus ended the Will Ya Ride Me Like A Monkey Missus? : An Anglo-Irish E2 Get-Together for Great Neb and jobby.

Overall noders rock and I had an excellent time. Most importantly I beat everyone to the first aftermath w/u except ascorbic who cheated by getting everyone else to write his in the pub.