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My girlfriend and I are in Washington DC at the moment. We flew in on Monday and a friend of Stella's dad was kind enough to pick us up at the airport. He gave us a nice driven tour of Washington on a sort of roundabout route to where we are staying, the Washington International Student Center.

We've been to see all the sights, particularly galleries, the National Gallery of Art was amazing. You can view all the pictures on a computer system and plan out your route before you go round which is a great help and allows you to mix up the 15th century biblical scenes with some great modern stuff like Chuck Close and Mark Rothko.

Washington is a really wierd place, it is empty, there are no shops and it no one really seems to live around the centre at all. It certainly doesn't feel like the capitol of the most powerful and commercial nation on the planet.

It has been great so far and this guys who picked us up, Dan, is a genuine fact file as far as Washington goes. He knows the history of every building in the city it seems.

Our next stop is Richmond where we're in a hotel which will be a nice change. I'm looking forward to meeting up with noders in New York and hopefully Boston but if you take a peek at my homenode and live anywhere that we are heading just drop me a msg or email (greatneb AT hotmail DOT com) and we'd love to meet up.

Oh yeah, American food rocks.