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After Richmond we were in Philadelphia for three days. In this time we managed to see a decent amount although it was all about those horrible traitors who started to revolutionary war.

The hostel in Phily, Bank St Hostel, was cool although I didn't really like the huge dorms. It had a free pool table and good kitchen so it was perfectly bearable for four nights.

We went to see the Philadelphia Museum of Art which has an amazing collection of art including around 20 Monets. It didn't have a great deal of the more modern stuff like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Chuck Close and Piet Mondrian. Most annoying though was its layout. It was done in such a way that it was necessary to continually back track and change direction if you wanted to maintain any sort of chronological order to your viewing. Also artists seemed to have their paintings sprayed over a series of different locations, it seemed as if they had said to themselves, "that'll fit there, shove it up".

After Phily came Virginia Beach. It was hot, it sunny and the water was so damn nice. The beach is amazing and we ended up getting a great deal on our room. The only thing that detracts from the resort is the noise of the low flying military aircraft wizzing by overhead. We swum in the sea 20 feet away from a pod of dolphins, we tanned on the beach and we played mini golf, indeed it was paradise. However it had to end and we have moved from the heat of the beach to the heat of New York City. We're here till Wednesday so it would be great to meet up with people. On Saturday night we're going to see Rich and Happy and Stoned: Noders Take The Stage! and on Tuesday evening I'm taking my girl out for her birthday. Other than that we are young, free and a couple and looking for some fun.

On Wednesday we head up to Buffalo for two days just to see Niagra Falls then from there we head to Boston arriving on Saturday August 10 and leaving on the evening of Wednesday August 14.

Oh yeah, beware the jellyfish at the beach.