A Technologickal Tragedie
based upon a True Story
and starring
Grayscale and eir Father

The scene: An ailing Dell PII-266. Windows 98 is at death's door; the registry is shot all to hell. The floppy interface is nonfunctional, and the BIOS doesn't support booting from CD-ROM. The computer is clearly doomed.

Me: I don't think installing RealPlayer is a good idea.
Dad: Uh huh. (doubleclickey)
Me: I really think installing RealPlayer is a bad idea.
Dad: Hmm. (clickey).
Me:You know, there are other programs you can use, if you need to play RealMedia files.
Dad: Oh. Aha. (clickey install)
Me: Woe.
Dad: Why is it locking up?

~ fin ~