An excellent RPG on the SNES, published by Enix, Terranigma tells the tale of a world with two sides - the light and the dark, "good" and "evil". In this case, the world literally has two sides - the devastated outer world, and the sparsely-inhabited underworld.

The story is centered around a young man named Ark, a fun-loving troublemaker who lives in the tranquil town of Crysta. Things seem peaceful and trouble-free at first, however after opening a forbidden door and releasing an ancient and powerful magic, Ark is sent off on a quest to conquer five towers of the underworld, hereby resurrecting the outer world.

Things get a little complicated from here, and there are many plot twists and unexpected occurrences which I will not give away. The graphics and music are above-average, the gameplay is simply superb, and the storyline is enough to keep even the most hardcore gamer interested.

The game can be confusing at times, especially in the later stages, but it's all worthwhile in the end. Overall, a good, solid RPG that should have a place in any gamer's collection.