This morning, like most mornings, I awoke to turn on the radio. At times like this, I'm glad that I don't have a television; I don't want to see a Hollywood version of the war, complete with snazzy musical scores and edited-down clips of battle scenes and explosions.

On the California report, several democratic Congress members were quoted this morning. One of them (I didn't catch his name) said, "We don't want another Vietnam, we need to support our troops. It's the administration that we disagreed with."

This seems to be a common trend: people saying that they used to disagree, but now that the bombs have started dropping, we need to band together and present a united front. I don't understand why this disagreement has to be in the past tense; I still disagree with this administration, and just because they're dropping bombs, this hasn't changed my mind. I still think we should have done something different in the past. I disagree with W's doctrine that it's okay to attack and invade a country just because it might be a future threat. I disagree that the United States has the moral authority to start a war on its own.

And I can't believe that every Democrat in Congress has suddenly had a change of heart and decided to agree with W's policies. I guess political expediency is a much stronger force than I'd like it to be.