Vulch v.i. (corruption of Vulture)
  1. To hang around a congested parking lot, looking for some sign of a car leaving, or about to leave.

    There are several types of signs:

    • An actual empty parking spot. Too rare an occurrence to be useful.
    • A car backing out of a parking spot. Again very rare.
    • Lit brake lights on a car. This can be misleading as the car may be pulling into the spot.
    • People getting in the car. This can also be misleading since, if the person seeing people get into a car happens to be you, they will be going back to the car to retrieve an item they forgot.
    • People walking to a parking spot. The most realiable detection method. But be careful, because you could get arrested for stalking. This could also backfire if you follow them to the bus stop.
    • In particularly congested parking lots you may be tempted to sit near the store entrance waiting for someone to come out and then follow them to their car. In this situation, your best course of action is to drive home and pick up a friend who can go into the store and buy the thing you came to buy while you circle around outside.

  2. To stop an automobile near a parking spot containing a car about to leave, idling the motor, in order to signal a claim to said parking spot.