An exceedingly strong lager beer, probably the strongest and densest in the world, brewed only on December 6, the Feast of St. Nicholas, and released the following year around the same time. It is a dark red-brown color, almost black. Its viscosity is close to that of cough syrup.

The one time I tried Samichlaus (1994) it was after my brother ordered a case at the suggestion of a liquor store owner. I had to stop after three sips. Perhaps the weighty stuff didn't have an easy trip across the Atlantic. Nevertheless, it made for years of "Santy Claus Beer" jokes between my brother and me.

Zürich, Switzerland's Hürlimann Brewery once produced Samichlaus along with its low-alcohol Birell beer. Low sales caused Hürlimann close its Zürich brewery in 1997, and production of Samichlaus stopped. When word of Samichalus's demise leaked out via the beer news web site Breworld, it caused an uproar.

In 1999, Hürlimann granted the Austrian brewer Eggenberg the exclusive right to produce Samichlaus, and its fans were overjoyed to see its release in late 2000.

(Hürlimann was bought out by Carlsberg Brewery in 2000, but Eggenberg is still the sole manufacturer of Samichlaus).