Although prone to neither daylogging not toilet humor, I though this was too noteworthy, especially in light of the history surrounding a certain legendary infamous writeup to leave unreported. I suspect that this writeup could have gone in the same node as that one, although I also suspect the gods have set a database trigger to automatically delete any writeups placed there, and dock the author 1,000,000 XP.

You know, it's an indication of how E2 has destroyed my life that I would even think of writing this moment of stress down in a node for the entire world to see.

Today, I was attending an all-day professional meeting. The obligatory coffee and pastries had worked their way through my system by late afternoon, and so it looked like a trip to the men's room was in order.

Walking into the stall, I put the seat down and prepared to undo my clothes when


the seat sprang back up. This didn't immediately sink in; I put it down again and reached for my belt again.


Some sadistic bastard had spring-loaded the toilet seat so that it jumps back up to vertical the moment anyone lets go. Some sadistic bastard had designed the seat to operate that way, and the United States Patent Office had granted him or her an exclusive right to manufacture it for seventeen years!

At the end of the whole process I began to stand up; the seat gave me a push which nearly made me impale my forehead on the coat hanger attatched to the stall door.

So, ladies, I guess you have your revenge.