My Big Writeup List is here!

Noders with thousands of writeups breathe a sigh of relief!

When I first heard about the change in copyright policy, I began to worry. I had nearly 1000 writeups, including, at the time, a couple of dozen lyrics writeups. I definitely couldn't remember them all. I knew that a list of writeup titles would at least jog my memory: If I posted a lyric, I should at least be able to to recognize it as a song title. But with Everything User Search, you can only get 50 writeups at a time, and furthermore, you get formatted HTML. The process of piecing everything together and removing the formatting can introduce errors.

My solution? Twist perfectly good E2 code to my own nefarious purposes! Cribbing from Everything User Search, I have created My Big Writeup List.

My Big Writeup List lets you get a list of your own nodes. All of them at once, not 50 at a time like Everything User Search.

Yes, Everything2 already has an XML ticker which spits out user node lists, but not everyone uses software with a builtin XML parser, and also suffers from the 50 writeup limit. (Someone has posted PHP code for parsing the XML, so if you're able to program PHP on Linux, you have an external way of getting the same thing). For everyone else, there's My Big Writeup List.

My Big Writeup List's functionality is limited:

  • You can only list your own writeups (unless you're a god).
  • There are only two ordering options: title, or writeuptype then title.
  • It doesn't automatically give you a list; you have to press the "submit" button.

However, experience dealing with formatted data in the past made it apparent that HTML formatting would get in the way of some applications. Because of this, there is a checkbox that lets you create the listing as raw text. In addition, you may specify the delimiter (the default is the underscore character). After getting a 'raw' listing, you can copy the text from your browser and parse it out in a spreadsheet or database program.