Fantasy Novel by Tim Powers, a sequel to Powers' novel Expiration Date. * * * 1/2

The Fisher King of the Western (United States), Scott Crane, is severely (perhaps mortally) wounded by people wishing to take his place. At any rate, he is wounded severely enough that he can not fulfill his role as King. As a consequence, the land is out of control. Earthquakes and storms ravage the California Coast.

Crane's adopted son Koot Hoomie Parganas1 is apparently the only person suitable to take over. But he is only 13 years old, and doesn't want the job, anyway. But plenty of unsuitable people are gunning (literally) for the job, and unless Crane can be healed, it'll have to be Kootie or the West will become an unpleasant place to live...

Earthquake Weather is fun to read but it's not as rollickingly weird as Expiration Date.