To calculate the position of your antipode:
  1. Find your latitude and longitude.
  2. Calculate your antipodal longitude:
  3. Your antipodal latitude is the same as your own latitude, swapping north with south.
So, the antipode of Holland, Michigan (42.47 N, 86.07 W) is (42.47 S, 93.93 E), in the open ocean 2000 km (1600 miles) southwest of Australia.

Your antipode probably isn't where you think it is, despite several popular clichés. While digging for China will indeed get you to your antipode, if you happen to live in Argentina, Australia is really opposite the Sargasso Sea, and the antipodes of all of North America are adrift in the southern Indian Ocean (the northern coast of Alaska and Canada scrapes Queen Maud Land).

Some other pairs of places that are antipodal, or nearly so, include: