*sigh*...Here goes:

Military Service in Finland wasn't all that bad!

I think it's safe to say this, now that I have been a civilian for 6 months now. While I still think that many aspects of the military are neolithic, and I oppose conscription in principle, I still think it was a worthwhile experience. The older generation is usually the first to point out that in order to be a man, you have to go to the army. This is bullshit. You may learn stuff which will undoubtably be useful later in life, like teamwork and taking responsibilty for your actions, but if you don't already have that inside you, it will just be an opportunity to be a bigger weasel.

Of course, the army wasn't very difficult for me. I was a field cook in "Viestikomppania" (That is, the guys who operate the communications equipment), probably one of the wussiest positions available (but wrong us, shall we not avenge? Remember that Steven Seagal was one bad-ass cook in "Under Siege"). I have never eaten so much than I did when we were camping in the woods (there was always lots of extra pudding). Our team worked, and we did some crazy shit together. I mostly have happy memories, and as for those bad memories... well, let's just say I'm beginning to find something funny even in them.

In the end, it was all just a matter of attitude.