Today is day three of my odd five-day weekend.

I have SATs to take tomorrow, and AP exams at the end of the upcoming week, and the beginning of the next. I have my work cut out for me, for sure. Which, begins my little story:

A few months back, my school announced a Junior class trip for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week. It’s some stupid camping trip with no real purpose whatsoever. Usually, when people don’t want to go on a trip such as this, they end up going anyway... things always work out like that.

This time however, pretty much nobody ended up going, mostly due to its inopportune timing, having us return the night before SATs, and miss three days of school, consisting of AP test reviews and important classes. The teachers (especially of the AP classes) backed us students up, and so did most parents. The school’s administration however, did not.

Teachers want to teach us for the AP tests, administrators don’t want to lose money on the trip’s planning... which leaves us in a very odd predicament. The school’s administration figures out that the teachers would end up teaching anyone not going on the trip, and end up influencing people not to go on the trip in order to get a better grade on the exams. Therefore, what do they do?

Ban the entire Junior class from setting foot on campus while we would have been on the trip.

Therefore, I now have a five-day weekend, along with 30 others in my grade, which means that there can’t be more than 20 or so students actually on the trip (as there are no more than 50 students in my grade).

This should be all fun and games for me, as it gives me a chance to relax before taking the SAT, get some studying in for the upcoming AP exams, take some photos, and finish up my website. It is unfortunate however that my girlfriend is on the trip, along with several of my other friends. Today however, they shall return, beginning what I suspect will be a really ugly weekend.