This night has been horrid. Furthermore, this entire week has been horrid, and looks to only get worse... until the WEEKEND!

For starters, I have had more work this week than I have had on any other string of days in the past few years. Tonight I had to get ready for a photography exhibit (which means work in Photoshop, mounting, etc), write an English paper on A Streetcar Named Desire, study for a math test, define 40+ Biology definitions, and slack off a bit.

This just isn’t cool, folks. It isn’t!

In any case, I am finished with whining about my horrible day (one out of seven in the week, you know).

In other news, I am currently listening to Pink Floyd's Shine on you Crazy Diamond (Part 1). Great song!

Edit: I have now moved on to listening to the Pixies. Mainly the Doolittle album. Good stuff, folks!