A few years ago, my friends and I were playing football in the street when the ball made its way towards a drainage ditch (one of the ones that looks like a large slit in the concrete on the side of the street).

Well, per the rules of street baseball carrying over to street football, "you hit it, you get it" (granted, the ball wasn't "hit" but you get the idea). My task was to retrieve the ball. Upon looking into the drain, we witnessed a good 100+ spider webs and a huge variety of insects.

The new task became the cleansing of the drain, even the Orkin Man would have run in fear from this ordeal. I ran down the street to my house and grabbed a 40oz can of hair spray (one of the foot tall ones) and a match book. A small pile of leaves was created near the entrance of the drain and a fire lit. Using the hairspray as a makeshift blow torch, we fried the ugly little SOBs.

The football was retrieved undamaged and the game finished. The downside - I spend the next three months with the nickname "Ladybug Killer".