A word to the wise: Fatigue and American Government test fdays do not mix.

I have been so incredibly tired the past few weeks. My first round of testing is almost over (ending with Physics come monday). I was so out of it this morning that during my American Govternment test I took seven minutes to READ a two line multiple choice question. Not only that, but even after my test had a very clear FORM A on the front of it, I placed my scantron in the stack for form c causing the professor to make me the center of attention for about two minutes:

    Prof: Mr. Toepfer!

    Me:*groggy, almost drunk sounding* Yes... sir...?

    Prof: Have we forgotten our alphabet Mr. Toepfer? Or has your marvelous German background exposed you to a style of writing we Americans are unacustomed to?

    Me: *dazed stupor* Wha....?

    Prof: A beautifully articulate answer sir! I thought perhaps you were reading in latin, or perhaps gallic or something, but even their corresponding letters place A before C.

    Me: ......k.....

    Prof: Would that I were as eloquent as you Mr. Toepfer. I'd take great pleasure in continuing our conversation, but for the time being... COULD YOU PUT YOUR SCANTRON IN THE PROPER STACK PLEASE!?!?

    Me: *Wondering why the hell he didn't just pick it up and do it himself* Sure.... Uncle fucker...

After such a boring day otherwise I retreated to my room to read net comics and eat pretzels for about... oh... 8 hours. The current task at hand is to finish the physics assignment while my wits are still mildly about me and before the server shuts down (all answers are submitted electronically to a server @ UT, which has a 5 PM Friday deadline).

The only task that brought any excitement to my day was the revision of my research paper. I spent the summer working on devising a process for the electroplating of nanocrystalline nickel (boy that's fun to say, three times quickly now, everyone...) and now am submitting the paper for consideration in both the Siemens-Westinghouse and Intel scholarship contests (both worth $100K for the #1 project).

On top of all this, I "get" to go home for the weekend, which of course means I won't get to study for my physux test because my parents will want to talk to me. Stress is fun...

Boy I could use some morphine...

Note - I am not addicted to morphine nor am I a druggy, please don't take that last comment seriously