Hi boys and girls, let me take you into the exciting world of Windows XP. I recently aquired a copy of XP Pro from a friend of mine and have been toying with several new features. My personal favorite so far is the voice recognition feature. That's right, Windows finally has it's own "you talk, it types" program.

If you wish to see how well it works, go here.

Aside from toying around with XP, I learned today that my girlfriend spent a fair bit of yesterday looking up my nodes and reading them. Especially September 13, 2001 (I scored big points with that one :D).

Aside from this, today was relatively uneventful. I schedulled myself to retake the SATs on the 13th so I may possibly transfer to MIT (a 1270 may be good enough for a 10th grader to get into UNT, but not MIT - so they think anyway).

I'll close this daylog with a few very random quotes taken out of context from today's happenings (most occurred during meals):

    "There's the in, the out, and then a couple of legs..." - Will Warner: My roommate

    "Take that phallus off your head!" - Kelin Myers

    "Quiet fool or I'll rape you with my hat!" - Myself

    "Friends, Romans, Countrymen - lend me your queers!" - name withheld by request