Long day / week / month / year... where to begin...

Fuck it, I'll just start and end with today. Today {being midnight Thusday morning} began with me reading web comics till four AM at which point my roommate came and asked me if I wanted to try the "One Must Fall" beta. I thought it was a neat idea, which instantly told me I needed to be asleep instead because the game is shit, so if I thought that was cool I HAD to be tired.

Slept for approximately 6 hours during which I dreamt about my ex-SO, one of my best friends who everyone seems to THINK is my current SO, and some odd happenings which I can't completely remember, but I know I didn't like them

Awoke naturally at 10 AM, which was strange. I do not usually rise prior to 2 PM if I don't wake to an alarm, so I was rather unnerved when my roommate told me how early it was. I partook of a game of Madden NFL 2K3, in which my roommate had a miraculous comback from me being up 24-21. He intercepted a pass for a touchdown. Then did it again the very next time I got the ball. Then injured my quarterback. Then intercepted on my back up. He won the game 35-24.

Went with two of my three roommates to Pockets Sports Bar and Billiards for the lunch special (buy a burger for two bucks, play pool from 11AM-4PM free). Oggled a woman at the next table who knew damn well how sexy she was and was using it to her advantage. There needs to be a law about what women can wear in a pool hall. I cannot freaking shark when I keep staring at a woman with gorgeous legs in a mini skirt with black hose on and a black low cut tank top. It's just not right...

After thouroughly grounding my roommates' egos to dust, we headed back to the apartment to find our friend John already on our balcony (we pretty much gave the guy a key, he's there often enough anyway). I then proceeded to play around online a bit and get IM'd by this girl in NY (Long Island) who always has this odd desire to try to start cyber-sex sessions with me. Eventually I type along with it such that she'll go away, but it doesn't work. A quick block and screen name switch does the job fine.

Later, I hopped onto eBay and purchased a few Playstation controller to USB adapters such that I can use my DDR pads with Stepmania. DDR - good exercise, fun game, still can't understand those that obcess over it. Oh well.

At a peak of boredom, I took a walk to campus to talk to the honors program advisor to see if I was indeed in the honors program for next semeseter. She was not in and would not be for the whole day. Annoyance.

Played a few more vid games, read more web comics. I still contemplate the possibility of getting back with my ex though I know she will not speak to me - which kinda hurts my chances. I know not what, if anything I did to damage our relationship (though she assured me nothing when she left me), I just know I'd take it all back if she'd be with me again. I love her more than anyone or anything I've ever known and I simply wish her happiness. If I could get a simple response from her affirming that, things might be ok.

And now I come to you, fellow noders, with this text filled representation of the past 22.5 hours. I feel a mild amount of guilt for writing, as I seem to be daylogging almost as much as factual noding lately (something I try to avoid). I'll probably turn off XP from voting... I dunno... What do you see when you read these logs? Do you attempt to picture myself, my roommates, possibly even my ex SO as I mention my day to you - the average internet user, browser, random person. The entire world can read this, yet at times I feel comfortable posting even my most private of thoughts. You read, skim, or possibly even simply pass over, these paragraphs of text and make a rather snap judgement of good or bad. Perhaps you don't care either way and click randomly, but I subject my thoughts for your approval. Why?...