Minerva was the sexiest character to ever grace a Steven Spielberg cartoon. To steal a phrase from Scrappy Squirrell - Minerva's a femme fatale with a creamy nougat center. A recurring cameo in "The Animaniacs", Minerva Mink charmed anything male with her sexy swinging hips and lustfull lips. Eyes would pop out, tounges would roll - especially from a really nerdy wolf/were-wolf of sorts (nerdy wolf that turns sexy under the moonlight).

Minerva was introduced to the cartoon in a quicky called "Meet Minerva" written by Sherri Stoner. In this, a dachsund named "Newt" was attempting to catch Minerva for her valuable coat, but is constantly disuaded, charmed, and made into a pathetic puddle of drool by her sheer sexiness. The dumb dog can't decide whether to kill her or marry her. Such indecision causes his failure in a rather Coyote/Roadrunner style scene (but with far more dialog).

Minerva is a spoiled, sexy, coniving little mink, but she gets her punishment in the end. Constantly teasing and using the second of her suitors/captors (Wilford the aforementioned were-wolf), the story takes a twist when a sexy nameless beast (the were-wolf form of Wilford) becomes the object of her desire. Sadly, every time she chases him down she finds... Wilford.

Though she rarely surfaced in the cartoon, what little viewers saw of Minerva they loved. Sadly, when Animaniacs died, so did she. Though there was a brief stint in the Animaniacs comic book, that too was short lived. The life of a sexy comic character is fleeting, but Minerva will not be forgotten.