Such a lovely fucking day, and you're gonna hear about it, like it or not ;)

I spent most of the day as I do any saturday, lounging around on my ass watching movies etc. until about 1 PM (I get up around 6 AM, I know it's odd, but hey, I'm weird). Around 1:30 I get the bright idea to call my girlfriend who I've been dating for approximately 5 months now. We've gotten along beautifully and it's going great, slow, but great.

*Enter short flashback for purposes of having my story make sense*

    I had "rescued" her her from her previous asshole boyfriend who fucked a chick in Kansas (who is now with child), and had to drop his full ride, at Kansas State, for football (ain't them jocks geniuses?).

    At any rate, I was intentionally taking things slow because she had been with Captain Asswipe for two years, and she wasn't quite ready for anything super serious. After all, it had taken me two months to get her to believe what the jerk did wasn't her fault.

    I was under the impression that she liked me a fair bit as it was she who first asked me out, and not the other way around. We went on a few spectacular dates and otherwise just talked alot on AIM and on the phone. It was sort of a long distance thing, me being 45 minutes away at the university. We talked every day in the morning and before bed, for hours on end. She even said she loved me....

*End flashback*

/me breaks out a nice Zippo and a cuban...

Well, after all that, what do I have the pleasure of hearing today when I call her? Her pleasant voice? Her mother saying she isn't home? No. I get her DATE, picking up the phone. He hands it to her, and she attempts to explain to me that she never REALLY loved me, she only wanted to be friends from the start and thought I had understood that, silly me. And to top it off, this new blood is ALSO a jock, just like every other asshole that ever hurt her (maybe it really IS her fault).

/me takes a long drag from the cuban

I shouldn't have been so naive as to think a hot woman would fall for a nerd like me in the first place (oh yeah, forgot to mention - she's a swimsuit model).

I guess it's just you, me, and my computer now comrade... I'll just drown my sorrows in noding....