I was working for the CPL Pentium 4 Summer Tourney in Dallas over the weekend (mostly for fun, but also for the hookups) running cables, taking care of network shit, keeping Counter Strike clans in line - you know, the usual shit. It's a well known rule that CPL volunteers are not allowed to participate in CPL raffles, but this guy - from www.freakingfastcomputers.com - was not a CPL sponsor and this was not a CPL sanctioned raffle, so there was nothing preventing me from grabbing a free ticket.

I didn't expect anything to come of it - I never win anything after all, and put it to the back of my mind until much later. Wednesday evening, during the closing ceremonies (handing out of big fake cheques), the voluptuous Stevie Case started pulling out ticket numbers. I hear the first one and it's nowhere CLOSE to mine so I just stop caring. But then I notice she called another number - the first guy hadn't shown up, and neither did the next four. On the sixth pull, they called my ticket number and I had a little difficulty standing.

The following is to be delivered to my house within 2 weeks -

    1 - Lian Li PC61 Aluminum Tower Coolermaster ATC210 case with 431Watt Power Supply, window modification, and blue cold cathode lighting
    1 - PIV 2.4aPIV 2.53 ghz processor (free upgrade for delayed delivery!!
    1 - Thermaltake Volcano 7 proc fanSent the Intel Stock fan instead, I put the V7+ on later :)
    1 - strip of 512mb PC1066 RDRAM
    1 - Visiontek GeForce4 Ti4600 Graphics Accelerator
    1 - Asus P4T533-C motherboard
    1 - 80 Gigabyte 7200 RPM Seagate Hard Drive
    1 - Plextor 20X12X20X12 CDR/RW/DVD
    1 - Silver Sony Floppy Drive
    1 - Red rounded floppy cable
    2 - Blue rounded IDE cables
    1 - Microsoft Keyboard
    1 - Microsoft Mouse
    1 - NEC Multisync FE950+ 19" flat screen monitor
    1 - set of Creative Inspire 5300 speakers (shitty, I know, but hey, free!)
All of the above totals to about $3900+ retail as I've totalled it (the PC alone without monitor speakers etc runs $2650). I've been on a total high for the past three days and can't wait for the thing to come in. On top of that, I also won a free copy of Unreal Tournament 2003 (which will be shipped to me upon the release date), a Mouse Bungee, an X-Box travel bag, and some cool shirts.

Don't let anyone tell you volunteering is a waste of time... Good things always happen to good people in the end.