The shit has hit the fan. It's official, this is the absolute worst day of my life. The following happened ALL today within a span of three hours:

    1. My girlfriend left me
    2. My monitor died
    3. Some asshole gave me a laxative chocolate bear
    4. My E&M class was reassigned to the worst teacher on the known planet. (ok, not part of the three hours, but bad)

Kristin's parents and probably herself are moving sometime near May she says. That combined with her friend being in dire straights or whatever has stressed her out enough to where she doesn't think she can "handle a relationship right now". She says I was the only thing that was going right, but just can't take it right now. I'm not happy, but I'll respect her wishes and give her space. Hopefully she'll turn around on this. I've never felt so alone in my life.

I've been back at the dorm form a few hours. I thought I'd be happy. Well, I was happy until everything shot to hell. My monitor died sometime between when I left for and returned from dinner. The chocolate laxatives came after that. I don't know how I'm going to handle all this. I've dated and broken up with girls before, but nothing like this. I've never really cared before, right now I just hope she's ok. I hope to God if there is one that she wasn't just making an excuse and that it was my fault. I couldn't bear the thought that I might have hurt her or done wrong by her in any way. I think I might cry if it weren't for my tear ducts not opperating as they should because of that whole "man" thing.

Hopefully things will turn out better. I have to beg my instructor to give me a B in phys for last semester. The one C in my life time from that class really hurts my chances of getting into MIT.

The only thing looking up right now is that I really think I'll have fun destroying the old monitor, we'll probably throw it off a building or something. I don't know, anything to get my mind off life. I'll stop being depressing now. Everyone else have a nice day.
Update - I can't get a fucking break. My computer just contracted Nimda. God help me...