Last night I experienced what is most likely among the most disturbing dreams I have ever had.

I start off walking around my house when the phone rings. I answer, but instead of hearing the person on the other line speak, I see a message window from trillian pop up. I'm not sure that I recall whether I could make out the screen name or not, but I do remember that it was my ex-SO.

She said (or typed) that she had something she'd been wanting to tell me for a long time, about the reason she'd left me to begin with. She then sent images of my mother holding a baby and a man that was not my father in the background. Further images and documents would show that my ex was in fact my half sister. This woulnd't necesarily be so disturbing in and of itself, except that she is 6 months younger than I am meaning my mother would have had to have an affair or she and my father produced a child I never knew about (and she'd need to have been born damn prematurely, but who said dreams were logical eh?).

There are several images I don't understand here:

a) The color of the font. I do not know if it was significant, I simply know that is was bolded neon green - a color she would never have used (to my recollection she never typed in anything but plain arial). Also, what I said at any point never appeared in the text window.

b) The face of the father in the photos. This is no person I have ever seen before, it does not look like my ex nor does it look anything like her real father. I am curious as to whether my mind would just fabricate something or if there is a significance to this face. Again, I don't know who he is, but the face is burned in my memory.

c) Why was I able to read the text? I can recall precisely what the statements said and look like. Any other dream I've had in the past that contained text was completely unreadable. I was under the impression that the area of the brain that controls text recognition was inactive during dreams, but perhaps something else is going on here.

Needless to say, I didn't sleep much after I woke up. If anyone here feels skilled in dream interpretation or sees something here that I don't, let me know...